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tenuta rustica etna extra virgin olive oil wine 


The estate called Rustìca has belonged to the Fisauli family since the 16th Century.

 The Villa was constructed in 1667 at the foot of a megalithic stronghold called Rocca Pizzicata. 

The estate exists thanks to the vision of Giuseppe Fisauli who, in collaboration with his brother Antonio, gave life to the ambitious project of reclaiming the land. This was also made possible thanks to the dedicated work of Lillo Motta and Maria Paola Fisauli who transformed the vision into a reality,

preserving the family’s history for his thirteenth generation.

Nestled amongst centuries old Brandofino Randazzese olive groves and Nerello Mascalese vineyards,

the estate epitomizes the authentic spirit of the Sicilian countryside. 

Meanwhile, from across the Alcàntara river, the impressive Mount Etna silently surveys the land. 

Rustìca is an ideal location to explore your senses and be mesmerized by nature.

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