Nocellara Etnea Cultivar: The majority of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from a particular olive variety known as ‘Nocellara Etnea’, while the remainder comes from a variety native to Randazzo, ‘Brandofino Randazzese’, giving a distinctive Mediterranean scent. 


Organoleptic Profile: Our EVOO has been tasted and appreciated by experts describing it as herbaceous and fresh, with hints of artichoke, green tomato, and occasional notes of fresh almonds, giving the oil a slightly fruity taste

while remaining bitter and spicy. An absolute pleasure for the palate!


Hand Picked: To ensure the level of acidity remains low the olives are hand-picked at the perfect stage of maturity, no later than the second week of January. The olives are then stored in ventilated containers and taken immediately to an oil mill for daily extraction to ensure an excellent level of quality, proven by the very low levels of acidity (<0.3%).


‘Cold’ Mechanical extraction: The extraction process is entirely mechanical and during the extraction the temperature of the oil mill is always maintained below 27°Celsius. As a result of this method our oil preserves the best possible aromatic characteristics of the fruit.




At the end of the ‘60s Giuseppe and his brother Antonio Fisauli devoted their lives to a particular technique of wine production called Tendone Vine Training, aimed at keeping productivity high and guaranteeing a large yield. The technique both prolonged the grapes exposure to daylight but also reduced competition between the roots. 


Today, after almost 50 years, our Nerello Mascalese vineyard has completely changed its method of production. The number of grapes has drastically decreased and therefore the plants are provided with more nutrients, giving the wine extraordinary characteristics. 


Our plants take advantage of the mountain’s particular microclimate, characterized by its large temperature ranges. This increases the quality of the grapes and improves their aroma and sugar levels. Furthermore, it allows a reduction in the acidic degradation and a better phenolic composition of the grapes. 


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